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Justice Corner is a social media site that seeks to raise awareness about social justice issues, some of which may not have been elevated to national media outlets, and especially those impacting vulnerable youth.

Too many of our young people are growing up in communities with increasing levels of violence, surrounded by too many people who don’t believe that they can or should excel, and are being educated in school systems where expectations for them have been set artificially low.

There is a growing interest in challenging the status quo, and Justice Corner hopes to provide a place to stay abreast of important topics and participate in healthy discourse. Please browse our posts and join the justice corner community as we engage in honest and respectful commentary about critical matters that impact our society.

The founder, Tanya Washington, is a former civil rights attorney and social justice advocate who seeks better outcomes for vulnerable youth. You can follow her on Twitter: @twashesq

Justice only exists when it’s available for all!